• Kemei ปัตตาเลี่ยนตัดผม รุ่น Km – 605 (Gray)


    – Brand Name:Gemei
    – Material:Ceramic blade and plastic surface
    – Size:17x4cm
    – Model Number:kM-3909
    – Hair clipper type:professional
    – Color:black
    – Suitable:adult and child
    – Charger:included
    – Battery:two
    – Using type:cord and cordless
    – Mute design:yes
    – Free shipping:yes
    – Quality:high
    – Attachments combs:four
    – Input Power 220 Volt 50Hz

  • ปัตตาเลี่ยน kemei ปัตตาเลี่ยนตัดผม 3 in 1 รุ่น KM-3006 (Black/Silver)

    • Full range electric clippers
      Made of high quality materials.
      easy to use
      3 in 1 Hair Clipper Model: KM-3006 – Black / Silver

      I like to change it. Hair clipper 3 in 1 (Black / Silver) Hair styling device to meet your needs easily. Designed for easy operation.


      easy to use
      3 in 1 Black (Black / Silver) Hair Cutter The very thin blade can be used on the hair edge instead of the razor. So I got a beautiful and sensitive.

      The clamshell motor is designed to work smoother. The noise in the work is very quiet. The unit is lightweight, can be used continuously without arms. The blade can be removed easily, simply push the blade head forward without knocking the nut. For easy replacement of the blade and cleaning.