• KEMEI Professional Hair Clipper Model KM-919 (Blue)

    • Advanced cutting system/titanium plated stationary blade
    • Mute design /noise lower than similar products
    • Streamlined modeling/best ergonomic design
    • Used wirelessly,convenient to operate
    • Rapid charge
    • Discharge 60 minutes continuously after charging
    • Moving blade adjustable for cutting length from 0.8mm to 2.0mm

    Safety Warning :

    Only the included charger can be used.
    Make sure the charge will not become damp.
    Corresponds to the local mains voltage before you connect the appliance.Only use the appliance in combination with the adaptor supplied.
    Do not use the appliance if the adaptor or the appliance itself is damaged.

    When you discard your hair clipper  in due course,remove the battery and put collection point.

  • ปัตตาเลี่ยน KEMEI แบตเตอเลี่ยนตัดผมไร้สาย ปัตตาเลี่ยนตัดผมชาย แบตตาเลี่ยนแกะลาย แบตเตอร์เลี่ยนไฟฟ้า อุปกรณ์ตัดผม รุ่น KM-1990 (สีเงิน)

    Made of good material.
    Designed to increase precision in hair cutting.
    Stainless steel blade can sharpen.
    Suitable for all ages.
    Made of durable material, stainless steel blade can sharpen. Suitable for hairdressers and the general public. Easy to use. Lightweight, compact. Details use. Charge time 8 hours. Sharp knife can adjust the size of the secondary comb. Approximately 40 minutes (full battery)

  • เครื่องหนีบผม CKL 3 in 1 Hair Straightener CKL-606 (White/Pink)

    – No need to change the clamp.
    – The core is made of fine grade 32 mm.
    – 360 degree cordless cord
    – 40 watt power supply voltage 220V 50Hz
    – High quality heat pads help to keep your hair healthy.
    – The TIS standard.